Tammy Zehner

Artist Bio

Handmade Stained Glass

Artist statement. Although, I often have help from my supportive husband and a few friends on the website and marketing side of things. I like to spend the majority of my time creating new products in my studio. I have always had an interest in art and won national recognition when I was in high school by designing a watercolor for Sea World. It wasn’t until 1995 that I discovered where my real passion lies, in glass. I was self-taught from books I borrowed from the library and I still have my first glass horse panel hanging in my daughter’s room. That same year,1995, I received the best Christmas gift of my life on Christmas morning. On our way home from church, we saw someone hanging an original Glass Passions panel in their front window as we drove by. I had sold that hand crafted large one of a kind iris panel just the week before at an art show and I realized that it was someone’s Christmas gift and I knew that they felt as passionate about it as I did. I strive to bring new and exciting materials and concepts to the age-old handmade stained glass tradition. Some ways I like to achieve that are by incorporating fine wood into the glass design or designing panels with open spaces in them to make the piece appear more delicate and light. The 3-D stars with an open center show this technique as well as some of the iris panels I have for sale at the gallery.

We are located in Louisville, Ohio where many of our design inspirations come straight from my farm. The studio is always a fun place to be, and I am often joined by my 8-year-old daughter, husband and 3 Dalmatians. We have been featured in the Akron Beacon Journal and the Findlay news and have won awards at many national art shows. I have been featured in Stained glass news twice and have currently been asked to submit my work to Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine. You may have seen us at one of the many art shows in Ohio or the surrounding areas. It is nice to have a gallery to call home and display our work year around.

Simply speaking, glass has been my passion for over 15 years, and I continue to find new and exciting ways to express that. It is my personal goal to have anyone that owns one of my original pieces be as passionate about it as I am.


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