Jewelry Making Classes

Instructed by Katie Mullins

To schedule a class, all you need to do is call us at 330-854-2966 during business hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 6pm.
Please have a few dates & times in mind, so we can see what will best fit our artist’s schedule.

These are the normal time frames that classes are offered:

Day classes: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Evening classes: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6:00 pm.
There is no set schedule – Classes are scheduled as needed.

Call 330-854-2966 to schedule a class.

Click on an image below for class details.

Katie Mullins – Bio and Artists Statement

My name is Katie Mullins, and I’m the owner and artist of Bonya’s. I’m basically self-taught and work continuously on improving my skills. I love patterns, natural and man-made, and man’s ancient ornamental designs. These elements, combined with my life experiences and perspective, are the foundation of my inspiration and creativity.

All of my chain, links, clasps and settings are hand fabricated. The only sterling silver alloy I use is either .930 Argentium Sterling Silver Wire or .930 Argentium Sterling Silver sheet.

I do use Copper in many of my designs, either alone or with the Argentium, and all my Copper is 99.9% pure. When possible, I do apply either wax or acrylic to the Copper to help keep it bright or a patina to give it more character.

A few of the more notable shows I’ve attended are: Yankee Peddler Today, Art in the Village at Legacy Village, Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet, Cain Park, Christmas Arts & Crafts at E.J. Thomas, Tower City Art Festival, and Shaker Heights Art Festival.

I am involved in several projects and groups which encourage the growth of Ohio artists. I am currently the President of the Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild. I ask you, dear reader, to always consider buying locally and support the artists in your community.

I exhibit and sell at many arts & fine crafts shows in Ohio and also teach individuals and groups in the area.

By the way, the name Bonya’s was coined by my step-grandson, Nathan. When he was learning to talk I tried to get him to call me “Nana” and somehow it came out as “Bonya”. So, when I began my jewelry business in 2006, it just seemed fitting to use my nickname, Bonya, as the name of my business.

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